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 Terms of salon

-Sign up for our services or professional advice
-First tattoo,birthday,name-day- throwing 2 dice- discount to 12% all depends on your success!
- We guarantee a pleasant and cozy interior,professional,correct and courteous treatment of customers privacy.
- Quality services at the highest standards at the global level
- We will develop your ideas or fantasies choosing from any of our services and will find the best solution for you
- Compliance with all requirements of health services, according to the Latvian and European Union laws and regulations
- Client medical health our salon guarantees according to the Latvian Ministry of Health and the European Union regulations
- Modern and sterile equipment, disposable instruments, the world's leading manufacturers of paints and materials
- Tattoo masters are familiar with the structure of skin, dermatology foundations and possible complications ,they are ready to provide necessary medical help to the customer if there is need , and are fully familiar with the tattoo treatments and are able to advise clients
- Tattoo masters perfectly knows how to draw and are willing to help the development of ideas and sketches – in our salon works only experienced and talented tattoo masters with appropriate education
- VIPTATTOO uses a loyal customer pricing and all prices are discussed in person with the client at the salon and are shown on our website
- Tattoo size, price and other salon services you can choose independently, according to our salon set rates and charges specified in our site
- From the size of the tattoo and its degree of difficulty depends the price - all the costs are in the salon web site and the total price is set only in the salon.
- The salon has set a standard charge for a fixed amount of sterile equipment, colors, disposable instruments, the selected drawing processing and transmission to the skin: 10 EUR - Payment also apply to gift cards or other marketing actions.
- For the tattoo you can paid in parts in accordance with the terms of the contract of service agreement
- All disposable instruments and equipment are opened only in the presence of the customer
- Prior to receiving the service, please carefully review the health safety rules
- Salon service run- time and price may vary depending on the complexity of the job, the amount of the color palette, the tattoo area . Total price for service will be set down only in salon.
- The amount of work, the price of the service, the run- time is in agreement with the master and is aligned with the salon administrator.
- Price for the creation of idea and sketches for the next tattoo depends on the complexity of the sketch and the time dedicated to it.
- All prices are determined and paid for prior service, VIPTATTOO salon has easy to understand all prices and discounts - Payment for services is made in salon in cash or by bank transfer - we do not accept credit cards!
- Tattoo care products can be purchased in our salon for an additional fee.
- For young people under 18 years old, tattoos or permanent makeup requires parental permission and presence of one parent
- Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances customers are not served and no advice is given
- MODELS up to 50% off the price for a Permanent Make up and Tattoo Services
Price for tattoo
The best way to determine the price of a tattoo is to consult with a master of VIPTATTOO salon personally to discuss the details and nuances. All prices can be seen in section PRICE LIST, it is possible to at least approximate price range, but only in salon we can determine the exact price of tattoo, because of the many nuances:
- tattoo theme and details;
- tattoo placement on the body;
-the size of tattoo;
-tattoo complexity;
-tattoo colors;
-duration of tattoo creation;
-salon offered discounts and gift cards.
If you decide to make tattoo, you should know that this is very important step, you should be responsible and think about the future feelings for tattoo ,because it is very difficult and sometimes almost impossible to make a difference in the case of incorrect choices.
We hope that some of the recommendations will be useful in the choice and decision making, and will give a more complete picture.
VIPTATTOO salon has more than 100,000 tattoo photos, designs, drawings and ornaments - practically all the sketches can be ordered individually from the simplest designs to complex compositions.
-You can draw on the ideas of the characteristic features of your life.
- As version can serve a life events and milestones in your or well with you related people life.
- In choosing tattoo, big role can be played by your life goals and plans for the achievement, the characteristic path or motto can also be displayed in tattoo.
- Set of qualities that describes you, your character can serve as a basis for tattoo master / artist to create the image of tattoo.
-As before making tattoo is advisable to find pictures of tattoos-at the moment there are available a huge range of topics in the internet.Any pictures about your interests for the world's existing bodies and things, including flora, fauna, architecture, auto equipment, industrial environment, ornaments , symbols, texts, religion could be a good basis for a tattoo.
- Go to VIP TATTOO tattoo master and show these pictures and tell what you want,,it could be even something from each of the pictures or the small details - Our masters will work with you to develop tattoo idea and prepare a sketch of a tattoo.
- Summarizing all the above - the mean for a tattoo, it’s role in your life, and what exactly you want to see – will be much easier for our masters to make the right choice and create drawing for only you.
Our works you can see in section ‘’Gallery’’
Do the tattoo making is painful?
Every person has their own level of pain.
Pain is relative term-someone feels pain, someone feels tickling ,even there are moments when a customer falls asleep.
Tattooing culture’s part is pain, without which there are no results ,and people who decide to make a tattoo consciously overcome this threshold in a such way to check themselves.
If we see that the client is scared - we are not going to make a tattoo.
We can offer anesthesia for everyone who feel the need .
24 hours before the procedure is not recommended:
-Sunbathing and visiting tanning salon;
-Using vasodilating substances (alcohol , tramadol ,aspirin);
- Using cosmetics, perfumes, branded alkaline soap in place of tattoo;
- todrink coffee, strong tea ,energy drinks.
Tattoo care
We recommend to read carefully our salon recommendations!
-Before the procedure begins VIPTATTOO tattoo master will introduce you with health safety regulations.
- After completion of the tattoo master will inform you about the tattoo care rules.
- After completion of the tattoo, master will clean up the tattoo place and on tattoo area will be placed the protective plastic sheeting which must be removed after 1.5 to 2 hours - longer hold do not recommended.
- When the protective plastic sheeting is removed – wash tattoo thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild soap .
-Treat the tattoo place with cream ( at VIPTATTOO salon can be purchased cream free of allergens, which are developed especially for tattoo care and quicker healing while maintaining maximum colors and tones)
-Many masters and salons recommend to use the ointment: Bepanthen 5% Bepanthen Plus, panthenol, Solceseril.
-However,in care should be taken that all the ointments heals wounds and scratches as they are meant to clean the wound from germs or dirt. Tattoo pigments also counts as foreign to our skin and the ointment can brighten the tattoo, and if you have colored tattoos you should be very careful using these ointments, because color can completely disappear.
-Use shower and wash the first 4-5 days with lukewarm water, blot with a paper towel after washing tattoo place. Do not rub it.
-The first day we recommend to use the cream more often - on average after every 1.5-2 hours by applying a thin layer on the tattoo place, tattoo eschar must not stay dry - it needs to be flexible, otherwise the skin cracks and access to oxygen will be denied, which will prolong the healing process and can damage the tattoo.
-Do not soak the eschar of a tattoo .
-At the very least a couple of times a day we recommend to thoroughly washed the tattoo.
- While tattoo healing process is in progress do not wear fitting clothes that can stick to the tattoo - wear comfortable and loose clothing that will not rub the tattoo.
- Do not choose bright clothes which are in contact with the surface of the tattoo because the color pigments can damage clothes.
- Do not put on a top of tattoo any gauze - the skin should get the free access to oxygen.
- Usually, the tattoo heals an average of 4-6 days - but completely healed tattoo counts of 2-3 weeks
-The more you take care of your skin the faster and better it will heal. On the surface of the tattoo is advisable to put moisturizing creams for the skin, to renew it more quickly.
- When stay in strong sunlight always use sun protecting products in order to keep the tattoo colors.

Things you can not do in the process of a tattoo healing ( until at least 7-10 days):

-visit sauna;
-use yeasty alcoholic beverages ( beer, champagne, wine);
-take sunbath;
- for a long period stay in the sun (with an open tattoo);
- the treated areas scratch, chip or rub the eschar before it comes off by its own, because it negatively affects the healing process and can lead to changes in the drawing;
-take a hot bath;
-avoid the intense sweating;
Important also is the correct diet:
- At least 3-4 days do not use seafood, very spicy and salty food.
Absolut contraindications:
Allergy on pigment (ink);
Diabetes, when using insulin;
The diseases associated with blood clotting;
Severe somatic diseases;
Diseases with acute inflammation;
Mental disorders;
Undiagnosed, various tumors in programmable zone.

Relative contraindications:
- High blood pressure. If a customer has hypertension - before the procedure is recommended to measure the pressure and, if necessary, to use preparations, which lowers the pressure;
- Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Breastfeeding women can perform the procedure after the first set of regulars;
- A variety of allergic reactions. In such case you should make analysis to know how the body will respond to analgesics and pigments that will be used during the procedure;
- Inflammation disease (aggravation period), the area in which the proceedings are taken;
- Dermatitis, in such cases, it is desirable to undergo a course of treatment at a dermatologist;
- Herpes virus exacerbation stage. Need to undergo a course of treatment using antiviral agent;
- Alcoholic or narcotic ebriety ;
- Prone to diseases, which are characterized by inflammation.