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Artistic and colorful tattoos: any tattoo that is created in our Salon is considered an art work, everything depends on your fantasy and preferences, our masters will bring them to reality in finest colors and with a high quality.
Portrait and scenic tattoos: creating portraits and scenes of clients choice.
Scar tissue tattoos: such tattoos help hide the scaring on the body, artists will adjust the graphic and ink so that they would not only cover the scar but also the highlight the body part with a beautiful tattoo.
Tattoo correction, covering and remaking: renovating old, unfinished and low quality tattoos or completely remaking them in to new designs. 
Recently finished tattoos: the skin gets bruised after the tattoo is done, so for 2 weeks you should not visit the sauna or the solarium, during sunbathing, swimming or taking a shower the tattoo must be protected from water.
Before getting a tattoo you must insure a healthy state of your skin, so that no allergic reactions towards the tattooing equipment would commence.
The skin should not be inflamed; tattoos are not done on an unhealthy surface.
Clients with allergic reactions and health problems should consult with their doctor before visiting the Salon.

Permanent Make Up

Cosmetic Tattoos: this type of tattooing is commonly known as permanent cosmetics or micro pigmentation.

Permanent make up or micro pigmentation: one of the world’s most popular grease-paint types. Creating and emphasizing the most attractive facial features. Our Make-up Artist has 10 years of experience.

  • Lips, Eyebrows, Eyes.

  • Derma pigmentation.

  • Permanent liquidation or correction.

  • Micro pigmentation is very popular; our Specialists have special medical training in this matter.

With the help of Micro pigmentation it is possible to cover the featureless facial fragments: eyebrows, eye and lip contours. This durable grease-paint will last on the face from 3 to 5 years.

Henna Art Drawings

If you are afraid of a real tattoo, but have the desire to try how it looks like than there is an opportunity to try a fake tattoo- Henna Drawing.

Henna & Jagua Art:

  • A Henna Drawing is application of paint without injecting it in to the skin.

  • Henna Drawings usually hold out for about 2 – 3 weeks.



Specialist training course

  • Tattoo Artist.

  • Permanent Make Up Artist.

  • Piercing.

  • Henna& Jagua Art.